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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the easiest way to settle abroad, as an Indian?

Easiest way to settle abroad in countries like Canada and Australia is to apply for PR(permanent residency) HostingRaja

You can take some help from these books..

How to get a Job in Countries like Canada and Australia?

In Canada they want a candidate who has already filed his application in Express Entry Pool and then apply for a JOB. Because, they can’t offer a job to someone from other country if he doesn’t have a Permanent Residency in Canada, or they will have to take approval of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) committee for they have to first prove that the talent they want to bring in Canada from overseas is not available in Canada itself. It has lot of regulations, so no employer goes that way. Best way is to apply for PR and then apply for job, if you get job before your PR you get additional 600 points in your CRS score and have an added advantage over the other candidates in the pool to get an ITA (Invitation to Apply). Even if you couldn’t secure a job before you land into Canada with your PR Visa, you are absolutely eligible to search the jobs and face interviews as then you have a Canadian Permanent Resident Status which gives you equal rights to get jobs in Canada as an Canadian Citizen.

Besides that you get additional benefits:

  • Free education for kids
  • Free medical for entire family
  • Free language classes to learn the culture and language quickly
  • Access to all government programs

Similarly, in Australia your occupation should be listed in their SOL and CSOL list. Unless it is there you can’t apply for a PR in Australia and if you want to work in that occupation in Australia then the way is to apply for Australian PR and get selected and get that job. Reap benefits of Australian Citizenship at par with the Australian Citizens. 

Once you fill the form, you will get a call from our immigration experts. He/she will Call you and give detailed information about immigration eligibility, documents, process, requirements and everything.


Which Country is the best for an Indian to Settle down? Any pros and cons to discuss?

Well to know as to which country is the best for an Indian to settle down, you must understand the current immigration scenario across the planet. In last two decades, the paradigm of immigration has completely changed across the globe. The countries, which used to be apple of eye of the immigrants, are looking to control number of immigrants. Hence, no matter how beautiful or ideal a country is for living and settlement, you cannot go and live their forcefully. They must have policies to allocate your relevant visa, permanent residency, and ideal settings without any discrimination based on race, religion, In last few years, countries like  UK, Denmark, etc. have tightened their immigration rules to control the immigration in their respective countries. USA and UK were the most preferred immigration destinations of the Indians.However, now there are few countries left, which can be termed as the top and most ideal immigration destinations. Canada is right on top of the list of such countries. India has had special connection with Canada the history of which goes back to a century. The key reason for this is huge Indo-Canadian community settled in the maple Canada- as immigration destination,Canada has an immigration target of 300,000 for last two years and every year Canadian government is easing the immigration rules and requirements to invite more and more immigrant workers and their families in Canada.

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